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A fascination with the world around me has led me down a path to capture the beauty in it and a constant desire to find a story that may otherwise be left untold. At an early age, I found that a camera gave me the ability to see my surroundings in an entirely different way. After graduating from high school, I began my academic career in photography and learned the fundamentals of the medium starting with 35mm film techniques and ending with the digital process. A recent interest in studying Graphic Design has reinforced my commitment to the field of visual communication.

Life is always happening and stories are eager to be told.

As a photographer, I've done a variety of commercial work for clients ranging from formal events to heavy metal festivals for publications. I’ve also worked in-house alongside other creatives coordinating photo shoots for a catalog distributor. I am a very restless person with an endless need to create. I would like to use my experience and creative drive to enhance my knowledge of Graphic Design and eventually form a freelance company specializing in photography and branding.

Speed Tunnel_Final.jpg
Stirvy's Model T parked outside of the Beachland the other night. I think it's a Model T..
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